Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Red and yellow and pink and green........

I've never understood it, unless you're a designer/architect type, why would you use colour on your CV? Controversial opinion warning but....... are you a school child? Are you apply for a job that has asked you to use colours? No? STOP IT THEN!

I think the main issue with colours in a CV for me is that it's juvenile.  As I said, unless you're a designer type or architect and you're demonstrating your skill in your CV , which by the way is perfectly acceptable and can look very skillful when done well, you don't need colours.

Here are some great examples of design CVs,  so clever.

People seem to use them to highlight information but it's really not needed, here's a list of alternatives;

Use skilled presentation and your words to highlight important information.
Keep headings consistent, using the same fonts and font sizes.
Keep your paragraphs short.
Use bullets but only when you need to.

These tips will help you present yourself to an employer in a clear concise manner and make your document easier to read and therefore more likely to be placed in the YES pile.

So I've got that off my chest now, I'm feeling lighter!